ADCOCare - Product Protection Plans

Introducing the NEW ADCOCare Product Protection Plan

ADCOCare is a product protection plan that helps you to properly maintain and maximize the life of your product, while providing additional benefits that provide peace of mind and confidence knowing that you purchased the right product, with the right company. 

What will you receive with ADCOCare? 

  • Full coverage for all in-house repairs or replacements on any product damages/defects*
  • FREE return and outgoing shipping for all repairs or replacements 
  • In the event that your product is defective within the warranty period, ADCO will replace the product directly, eliminating the need for you to work with the manufacturer 
  • We will handle any communication with the manufacturer should troubleshooting be necessary to ensure your product is in perfect condition 
  • Free care tips and maintaince recommendations to maximize the life of your product (this is sent via email and is specific to the product you have enrolled in the ADCOCare Product Protection Plan) 
  • 15% off all accessories for your product - this discount is available for the life of your ADCOCare Product Protection Plan 
               *Please note - product misuse or damage resulting in misuse is not covered under product warranties nor ADCOCare protection plan coverage

ADCOCare is currently available on a limited selection of products, with more brands being added soon. If you would like to enroll, the ADCOCare Product Protection Plan is available on each eligible product page and may be purchased online or over the phone. 

If you have questions please contact us by calling 800-726-0851 or emailing 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do if my product covered under ADCOCare stops working? Please contact us at 800-726-0851 - we will issue you a return authorization number and provide you with a prepaid return label. 

2. What happens after I return my defective product? We will first test the product to determine what the problem is. If it is something that we can repair, we will do so in-house. If not, we will replace the defective piece for you. The repaired or replaced item will be returned to you at no charge

3. If I cannot get my product to work properly, or if I don't know how to set it up, what should I do? Please call us first - we have product experts ready to help you with all of your questions. We will walk you through the process of setting up  your new device and answering any questions that you may have. In the event that we are not able to assist you with a particular problem, we will get a representative from the manufacturer on the phone for you - you do not need to call them directly. As a part of ADCOCare, it is our job to make sure you have all of the information you need to feel confident in your purchase decision, while ensuring that you are using your device to its fullest potential. 

4. How will I receive care tips and recommendations? This information is sent out on occassion by email. You will see an email that includes "ADCOCare" in the subject line, so you will know at a glance that it applies to your device. You may of course opt-out at any time if you do not wish to receive this type of email. 

5. What does the 15% discount apply towards? As a part of ADCOCare, you will receive a 15% discount off of the retail pricing for all accessories that go with your device. For example, if you purchase a TV Listening System, an applicable accessory would be an addtitional headset, or even an extra battery. 

6. I just bought my new TV listening system last week - can I purchase ADCOCare for this product now? Yes, as long as your purchase was made in the last 7 days, you may still purchase an ADCOCare plan for that product. However, your enrollment must be completed over the phone and not online. Please call us at 800-726-0851 and we will gladly help you enroll your device. 

7. I want to purchase an ADCOCare Plan for my father. However, what happens if he does not like his new TV listening system? If your enrolled product is returned within our 30 day return period, you will also be refunded for the price of the ADCOCare enrollment. This service is designed to help you, risk free, with the care and maintenance for your device. 

8. I need my alarm clock to wake up in the morning. How long will it take to replace my alarm clock? We understand that many devices are in important part of your daily routine. In the event that your product should need repair, or fails for any reason, we will handle the repair or replacement for you, including the shipping charges. If you cannot be without your device, we will ship out a replacement for you the same day that your claim is opened. A credit card is required to process this exchange, however, your card will not be charged unless the returned product is not received within 14 days. A prepaid return label will be provided to you for the defective item, and the replacement product will also be shipped to you for free. 


Products currently available with ADCOCare coverage: 





Sennheiser Set 840-TV







Sennheiser Set 830-TV






Sennheiser IS410 TV Listening System





Sennheiser RS135-9 TV Listening System



If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, we will help you find the perfect replacement.

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