Hearing Aids

How to Avoid Losing Expensive Hearing Aids

If you wear hearing aids, or care for someone young or old who wears them, you probably know (or dread knowing) that sinking feeling in your stomach when you discover that they are lost.

The Importance of Properly Maintaining Your Hearing Aids

Have you experienced a fuzzy or distorted sound in your hearing aid? Or perhaps intermittency, shorter battery life or frequent static? If you answered yes, chances are your hearing aid needs to be cleaned.

Moisture and cerumen (earwax) buildup can be detrimental to the performance and lifespan of your hearing aid. In fact, hearing aid manufacturers report that as many as 50% of hearing aid repairs are due to moisture and earwax! Prevent this from occurring, save time, and avoid costly repairs by adding a quick maintenance routine to your day.

What is T-Coil?

Many people have a t-coil in their hearing aid or cochlear implant and do not even know it. Even fewer understand – what is a telecoil?

Summer Time Fun with Hearing Aids

Losing expensive sunglasses on a boat is frustrating. Losing hearing aids or cochlear implants? A thousand times worse.
ADCO Hearing has several ways to take precautions to make sure your hearing devices do not become lost or destroyed while traveling:


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, we will help you find the perfect replacement.

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