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Thank you for visiting! The new ADCO blog provides a wealth of information and articles for our amazing customers to help you find the right products for your patients, your family or for yourself. We hope that you enjoy this information, and should you ever have additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us – we love hearing from you.

Otoscope Handle/Power Source Comparison Guide

With so many choices out there, selecting the best otoscope power source can be unnecessarily complicated. At ADCO we carry the most popular brands and styles of otoscope heads, power sources, and accessories.

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What is T-Coil?

Many people have a t-coil in their hearing aid or cochlear implant and do not even know it. Even fewer understand – what is a telecoil?

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Summer Time Fun with Hearing Aids

Losing expensive sunglasses on a boat is frustrating. Losing hearing aids or cochlear implants? A thousand times worse.
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Versatile Amplified Stethoscope

The best amplified stethoscope on the market offers simple volume control, tone adjustment, and even the capacity to visually see heart and lung sounds on smart phones and tablets.
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ADCO's December Giveaway: Two Awesome Prizes!

Here at ADCO, we love to give back to our customers. That's right - it's time for our holiday giveaway!

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ADCO's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide from ADCO Hearing Products is here! 

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7 Questions Parents Ask About Hearing Aids

Audiologists: developing a better understanding of a parent's perspective can help you serve their children more effectively. Learn more in this useful article.
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Announcing the New ADCO Exclusive Bluetooth Tinnitus Therapy System!

Do you suffer from tinnitus? This tiny, groundbreaking sound masking device may provide the relief you're looking for!

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How to Create a Better Patient Experience At Your Audiology Practice

Improving the overall patient experience is key to building future growth in any audiology practice. Click to learn more from an experienced Audiologist.

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How to Develop a Deeper Understanding of Your Audiology Patient

Understanding patients as individuals with unique communication and lifestyle challenges, will allow an audiologist to develop a level of care that is unsurpassed in the hearing healthcare industry.

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