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Our standard window communication masks are a flat panel mask designed to offer the greatest amount of flexibility for users. Each mask has two pleats on the top to allow for proper coverage over the nose, and three pleats on the bottom to allow for the user to pull the mask completely down over the chin. Additionally, the elastic bands have intentionally been left long to allow each user to customize the mask to meet their unique needs. For those using headbands, ear savers, and other mask accessories, these longer elastics are compatible with all accessories we have tested, and our favorite ear saver is included for free with each mask as our gift to you.  For those who prefer the traditional method of wearing the mask around your ears, the elastic bands may easily be tied (or sewn) to a comfortable size, and then rotated into the sleeve of the mask to prevent unnecessary friction behind the ear. 

As with any one-size mask, this product may be too big or too small for some users. As such, we kindly ask that everyone review the fit guide PRIOR to purchase, as all masks are final sale for the health and safety of our staff and customers. 

If you have questions on which mask is best for you, please email or call 800-726-0851. 

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ADCO Communication (Window) Mask - LIMITED EDITION DAISY
SKU: 1360 DA
ADCO Communication (Window) Mask - Blue Brush Strokes
SKU: 1360 BL
ADCO Communication Window Mask - Eggplant
SKU: 1360 E
ADCO Communication Window Mask - Silver Linen
SKU: 1360 SL

Sold out

ADCO Communication Window Mask - Seascape
SKU: 1360 SS
ADCO Communication Window Mask - Medium Grey
SKU: 1360 MG
ADCO Communication Window Mask - Enchanted
SKU: 1360 EN