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It can oftentimes be difficult for those who are hard of hearing to enjoy talking on the phone comfortably, which can make business and personal communication counterproductive and inefficient. To improve the quality of your phone conversations, we offer a wide variety of hard of hearing telephone accessories from only the best manufacturers in the industry. We carry a wide selection of useful products designed to meet a variety of needs, from telecoils for cell phones to hearing aid friendly wired telephone receivers and everything in between. Whether you're looking for telephone ear pads, neckloops, headsets or something else, ADCO is committed to helping you find exactly the right product for your unique demands.

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CLA7V2 3.5mm Stereo Cable
SKU: 6298C
Direct Connect / Quick Disconnect Cord for Plantronics Encore
SKU: 6585
Modular Coil Cable
SKU: 6249
Interface Cable 2.5mm to QD
SKU: 6254
Interface Cable M22QCC
SKU: 6283
2.5mm to Quick Disconnect Cord for Plantronics EncorePro (50)
SKU: 6585 2.5

Sold out

3.5mm to Quick Disconnect Cord for Plantronics EncorePro (50
SKU: 6585 3.5