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We've got you covered for a germ-free back-to-school season. 

Here are the ADCO-Parent Favs

17 products found in Back-to-School

Serene Innovations Big Button Amplified Talking CID Cordless Phone Model CL-65
SKU: 6274
Clarity XLC3.4+ - Amplified Cordless Phone with Clarity Logic
SKU: 6216
Clarity XLC3.4+ and XLC7HS BUNDLE - Amplifies Up to 50+dB
SKU: 6216 B
Serene Innovations Cordless Phone with Amplified Answering Machine CL-60A
SKU: 6278
Clarity XLCGo Mobile Phone Amplifier
SKU: 6876
Clarity D712 Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering Machine
SKU: 4157
Clarity D704 Amplified Low Vision Cordless Phone
SKU: 6310
Clarity XLC2+ Amplified Cordless Phone up to 50 dB
SKU: 6215
Clarity XLC7BT Bluetooth Amplified Cordless Telephone
SKU: 6575
Clarity BT914 Amplified Bluetooth Phone + Expansion Handset BUNDLE
SKU: 6307 B
Clarity XLC8HS - Amplified Expansion Handset for the XLC8
SKU: 6875 H
Clarity XLC8 - Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering Machine
SKU: 6875
SKU: 6216 B3
Clarity BT914 Amplified Bluetooth Cordless Phone
SKU: 6307
Clarity D714 Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering Machine
SKU: 6313
Clarity XLC3.4+ and TWO XLC7HS BUNDLE
SKU: 6216 B2
Clarity XLC7BT Bluetooth Amplified Phone + Expansion BUNDLE
SKU: 6575 B