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We've got you covered for a germ-free back-to-school season. 

Here are the ADCO-Parent Favs

31 products found in Back-to-School

Stainless Steel Instrument Tray with Handle
SKU: 2664
Hydrogen Peroxide - 16 oz. Solution Bottle
SKU: 1213
SKU: 3460
1.2 Quart Ultrasonic Cleaner
SKU: 3622
PhoneSoap 3
SKU: 1399 W
Antiseptic Alcohol Hand Rub 4oz
SKU: 1395
Disposable Digital Oral Thermometer Sheaths (100/pk)
SKU: 1372
Gauze, 12-Ply
SKU: 1245 2
Sparkle Spa Pearl Ultrasonic Cleaner
SKU: 3615
Sparkle Spa Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner
SKU: 3621
Plastic Wash Bottle - 250mL
SKU: 1224


Sanizide Pro1 Disinfectant Wipes - 150ct Canister
SKU: 1417
CaviCide Disinfectant Spray - 24oz
SKU: 3525