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Ear Gear

Ear Gear is both a staff and customer favorite. We have so many reasons to love these great products and believe you will too!

  • Loss prevention - Select a corded Ear Gear or brightly colored Ear Gear to prevent loss and replacement costs
  • Chaffing reduction - Keep your body comfortable while actively moving
  • Moisture protection - Spandex material absorbs moisture (sweat*, rain, humidity) and prevents it from reaching the hearing instrument's battery door, microphone port, & sensitive interior circuitry
  • Reduces wind noise - Ear Gear has documented research showing Ear Gear does not reduce the capacity for audio amplification. And yet the product is still able to reduce the interruption of wind with hearing aids
  • Limit damage from dirt and dust - Protect your hearing aid from the changing weather

*Ear Gear is the best product we have available to address sweating while wearing hearing aids based upon customer feedback

Select the Correct Size Ear Gear for Your Hearing Aid:

Ear Gear Micro

Ear Gear Mini

Ear Gear Original

Ear Gear FM

Ear Gear Cochlear

Ear Gear Baha

Ear Gear ITE

up to 1”

1”-1 ¼

1 ¼ ”- 2”

2”- 3”

2”- 3”

most Baha processors

only model without spandex sleeve


***$5 Shipping! Ear Gear products ship for only $5 when you order 3 or fewer Ear Gear.***

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Ear Gear Original - Corded Binaural
SKU: 3652 B
Ear Gear Mini - Corded Binaural
SKU: 3660 B
Ear Gear FM - Corded Binaural
SKU: 3654 B
Ear Gear Eyeglasses - Corded (All Models)
SKU: 3685 OR