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Excel 3-½-Inch Scissors
SKU: 3535
Excel Curved Point Tweezers
SKU: 2665
Excel End Nipper Pliers #55591
SKU: 2661
Excel Extra Hand with Magnifier
SKU: 2667
Excel Needle Nose Pliers
SKU: 2264
Excel Precision Cutting Kit
SKU: 2660
Excel Sanding Stick with Extra Belt
SKU: 2654
Excel Soft Grip Precision Knife
SKU: 2668
Excel Wire (Tube Cutter) Plier #55550
SKU: 2662
Five Excel Blades and Safety Cap
SKU: 7241
FlexHead Extra Hands
SKU: 7240
Sprue Cutter
SKU: 7219
Ultra-Fine Point Tweezers, Black - 4.75"
SKU: 1262