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Serene SS-201 Super Shaker for Your Smart Phone

Serene SS-201 Super Shaker for Your Smart Phone

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The Serene SS-201 Super Shaker wakes up even the deepest sleeper with strong vibration. This new bed shaker is designed to help you wake up on time, every time. Plus, it couldn't be easier to use! Simply download the free iPhone* app, quickly pair your phone to the device, set your alarm through the app and fall asleep knowing you'll be woken up on time. 


  • Automatically goes off with your smartphone alarm using the FREE iPhone* app 
  • The super sleek, low-profile design easily slides under your pillow or mattress to provide superior performance without disturbing your rest 
  • Strong, yet quiet operation that does not disturb others 
  • The Super Shaker app may be used for alerts to incoming calls, text messages and social media notifications if desired 
  • Convenient, lightweight and 100% portable 
  • Powerful vibrations gradually increase to ensure that you wake up 
  • Long battery life provides up to 45 days of  normal use between charges! 
  • Handy "low battery" message indicates when recharging is needed
  • Attachable pillow clip keeps shaker from moving 
  • USB charging cable included 

*The SS-201 Super Shaker app is currently only compatible with Apple iOS devices. Android version to be released in 2018. 



I'm giving this product a generous 5 stars even though technically I haven't used it yet. I received it today and set it up. The main reason I decided to write a review is to let the buyer of this product know how to do it. I anticipate a lot of buyers of this product may not be technically savvy so hopefully I can help. There are no instructions included with the product, so you have to figure it out on your own, which is a little odd. The first thing you should do is plug in the included charging cable into a laptop to charge the device. Next, go to the App Store (I am an iPhone user so I can't speak for Androids) and search for the SuperBedShaker app. The icon will match the one on the box, that's how you'll know it's the right one. Next, download and install the app on your iPhone. Then, power on the SmartShaker. With the app on your phone open, the phone / app should detect the device automatically. Next, it's time to tell the app what you want this thing to do. You can set an alarm and enable or disable phone and text message alerts. The app is pretty primitive but it lets you set up times for the alarm with recurrences if desired (like every Friday), or turn on or off simple text and phone alerts. I tested the phone alert which is the main reason I bought this, because on business trips I can't hear my iPhone ringing without my hearing aid. This thing will definitely do the job. The shaking is powerful and more than adequate. I can also use it for an alarm, so I no longer need to bring my bulky travel alarm clock with the power brick and vibrating disc. All in all given the portability of this device and pairing ability with a functional app on my iPhone this is a winner and I look forward to using it often.



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