Free Hearing Screenings

ADCO Hearing Products now offers FREE hearing tests at our retail store in Englewood, CO. These tests are available to you at absolutely no charge, with no commitment to purchase any product from our store. 

Understanding your hearing loss is an important first step in finding the best possible solutions for your individual needs. At ADCO we are committed to helping you achieve this by providing you with access to a free basic hearing test. Our trained professionals, using an FDA and OSHA approved testing system, will provide you with a hearing assessment PLUS you will also receive: 

  • Your audiogram (test results) print out 
  • A visual diagram that helps you understand hearing loss at each frequency level 
  • Recommendations on how to improve your quality of life, based on your specific test results 
  • A one-on-one consultation with our product experts, who will help you find product solutions that meet your needs. Please note that there are NO purchase requirements necessary - this screening is available to you at no charge regardless of your purchase decisions. 

Ready to schedule? Please call us at 800-726-0851 or use the link below to schedule online. 

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Please note: ADCO Hearing Products does not sell hearing aids. If your level of hearing loss indicates that you would be a strong candidate for hearing aids, we will gladly provide you with the contact information for our local Professional Partners. 


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, we will help you find the perfect replacement.

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