The Hearing Review: ADCO Hearing Products Changes Ownership

On December 12, 2014, The Hearing Review posted the following article regarding the ADCO's transfer of ownership in 2014


ADCO Hearing Products Changes Ownership

Published on December 12, 2014

In early December 2014, The Hearing Review took some time to speak with Abby Armijo, the new president and owner of ADCO Hearing Products in Englewood, Colorado. Armijo and her business partner, Jim Guiffre, CPA, purchased ADCO in mid-November 2014. The previous owner of ADCO Hearing Products had acquired the company in the 1980s, expanding it from being primarily a distributor of the ADCOmold since the 1950s, to a distributor of comprehensive communication products and services for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing. Although Armijo and Guiffre are working to redesign ADCO’s website and expand its service offerings, the business will mainly continue providing the same products and services it offers today.

“ADCO has been around for so long, and is already such an amazing company, that there aren’t a lot of changes that need to be made,” said Armijo. “Anything we do to grow the business will only strengthen ADCO’s service and product offerings to both new and existing customers.”

Armijo said that one change she and Guiffre are focusing on as a first step since acquiring ADCO is expanding its services to audiologists and other hearing care professionals. They understand that audiologists and others in the industry are overloaded with the many details required to run a busy practice. ADCO plans to launch a series of new services and products in the coming year designed to aid both professionals and consumers alike.

“The changes we’re planning here at ADCO will allow busy audiologists to worry less about their clinical supplies and equipment,” said Armijo. “Our primary goal is to make it easier for professionals to operate efficiently, while providing unsurpassed service.”

Armijo, who has held executive management positions and is working on her MBA, is an Army veteran with a background in military logistics and intelligence. She believes that her combined experience in business and military contracting will help her grow ADCO’s business. Armijo stresses that, although she is exploring new opportunities for ADCO, the company already has a strong business structure and a large and loyal customer base—and Armijo will work to ensure those things won’t change.

Source: ADCO Hearing Products

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