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Join us each month for exciting events and learning sessions where you'll have the opportunity to learn new tips, tricks, and skills all while meeting new people and enjoying some afternoon snacks. ALL of our

Learning Table events are FREE, but seats are very limited so please be sure to reserve your seat in advance! 

For a look at all events we have scheduled for the rest of the year, please take a look at our calendar at the bottom of this page. Upcoming events that are open for registration have been listed below 

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UPCOMING:  May 17th: How PSAPs Can Help You Hear on a BUDGET! 

The Learning Table Presents: Personal Sound Amplifying Products (PSAPs) - Learning to Stay Connected & Independent 

Enjoy a fun-filled afternoon with our product experts, test drive some of the latest technology, and find out what devices are available to assist you in your daily life. 


UPCOMING: June 21: Facebook Basics for Boomers & Seniors 

The Learning Table Presents BOOMERS' Social Media Tutor

In this presentation, Joyce Feustel, Founder of Boomer's Social Media Tutor, will help you learn to: 

  • Update your personal Facebook page 
  • Adjust your Facebook account settings, including privacy settings 
  • Communicate publically and privately with Facebook friends
  • Share updates 

About the presenter: Joyce Feustel founded Boomers' Social Media Tutor in 2010 and has been using Facebook since 2008. Through her tutoring and training business, she helps a wide range of business professionals and others to become more effective and productive in their use of social media. 


UPCOMING: July 19: What the Hack! 

The Learning Table Presents GroovyTek

WHAT THE HACK! What should you be doing to protect yourself, what should you never do, and what should you do if the worst happens and your information is compromised? Learn the steps to protect yourself, plus be able to ask the burning questions that worry you the most. 


UPCOMING:  October 18: Senior Resource Center 

The Learning Table Presents: Seniors Resource Center 

Seniors' Resource Center is dedicated to enhancing the independence, dignity and quality of life for seniors in the Denver Metro Area and surrounding communities. Learn about the incredible services and resources that this organization provides and how they may be able to benefit you or a loved one. 






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