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DryBoost UV Compatible Charging Bases

DryBoost UV accommodates the following brands of rechargeable bases and instruments. While it isn’t a complete list it should cover many of the common models.

  • America Hears® Rechargeable Charging Unit
  • Beltone Amaze™
  • EarGo Neo HiFi
  • GN Resound Quattro™
  • Hearing Assist Recharge
  • Lively Rechargeable Hearing Aid Charger
  • Nano CIC Recharge
  • Nano Model X2 Recharge
  • NeoSonic® MX-RIC
  • Oticon Rechargeable Hearing Aid Chargers
  • Otofonix Helix Charger
  • Phonak Charger Case
  • Phonak Mini Charger
  • PLAID ReCharge®
  • Signia Inductive Charger E
  • Signia Inductive Charger II
  • Signia Pure Charge & Go X
  • Signia Styletto X
  • Starkey Mini Turbo Charger
  • TuneAmp ReFocus®
  • Tweak ReFocus®
  • Vivtone® RIC02
  • Widex® Moment mRIC RD charger