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Thriving With Hearing Loss IS Possible...

Hearing loss can create challenges in ways you never expected, and may have a significant impact on your overall quality of life. For some, coping with these challenges can result in isolation and decreased communication with those around you. Over time, this can create even greater health challenges such as dementia, heart disease, an increased risk of falls, and much more.

At ADCO, our focus is on hearing healthcare, and the products that we sell are all designed to aid in or address specific challenges associated with hearing loss. As hearing loss can be different for all, we have an exceptionally large selection of products that is often overwhelming for those not yet familiar with these types of devices. This page is designed to help YOU navigate products for the most common , answer questions that we hear on a daily basis, and provide additional resources that will help you in your journey.

This does not mean that other products found here on our website are not for you. If you find that you're still struggling to determine the best solution for your needs, or simply would like some extra information, please do contact us. Our team of product experts is here to serve you.

Turning the TV too loud to hear?

A TV Amplifier may help....

Having difficulties talking on the phone?

An amplified phone will likely help....

Struggling to participate in conversations?

A personal amplifier may make a big difference...

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The guides below are designed to help you navigate through our product selection and make confident purchase decisions.


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