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Mask Donation Program

At ADCO, we are always looking for ways to continue our involvement and support for those living with hearing loss. During these challenging times, we have seen an incredible sense of community form and strengthen despite the incredible difficulties we have all faced. Our mask program started with a fun donation idea that was built with 100% donated time and materials, and has expanded into an operation that is supporting multiple small businesses here in Colorado and across the country as we work to meet the continuously increasing demand. 

We are now in a unique position to take a portion of the sales from the masks, produce additional quantities and donate them to nonprofit organizations with a similar mission to break down communication barriers for those living with hearing loss. 

If you are a nonprofit organization and your mission is inline with ours here at ADCO, we encourage you to complete the application. A member of our team will connect with you as quickly as possible to discuss next-steps and available options. 

Unfortunately we are not able to help everyone, as the number of applications we've already received is quite high, but we are working to help as many as possible. For this reason we ask that you please take your time in answering the question regarding the way these donated masks will be used, as that is the most important factor for our consideration of your application. 



Terms and Conditions: 

  • Not all applicants will be accepted. Applications will be reviewed by our internal team, and additional information may be requested if necessary. Please note that your completion of this application does not guarantee that you will be receiving donated masks. 
  • A portion of each of our production runs is set aside for donation. For this reason, we cannot guarantee a specific quantity nor a specific deadline. However, we do ask for this information on the application so we can do our best to meet the needs of all applicants. 
  • Anyone with the intention of reselling these masks will not be approved. Similarly, anyone found to be selling the ADCO masks after receiving a donation is in direct violation of this mask program. Additional documentation will be provided prior to any shipments being made. 
  • Donated masks must benefit those in our community directly. They may not be used to benefit your organization financially, or with the intention of donating them to another organization. Please note that using these items for raffle prizes, door prizes or auction items is prohibited. 
  • You do not have to be a non-profit organization to apply, however, these masks must be used for the sole purpose of assisting those struggling with communication barriers as a result of mask usage and not in a position to purchase masks on their own. This must be clearly demonstrated on your application if you are not a registered nonprofit. 
  • The masks shipped out for approved applications will be a combination of remaining prints, patterns and solids. Unfortunately we cannot accept requests for donation items at this time. 
  • Although we have made significant changes to the way these masks are made in order to facilitate the large volume, they are still mostly hand-made. For this reason, they are each slightly unique. While we haven't had any claims of damage or defect on a single mask to-date, in the event that this should occur with a donated mask please note that replacement item will not be shipped out. A second application for additional quantities must be submitted. 

If you have questions, or need to submit additional information or documentation to support your application, please email