Our masks are designed to stand up to wear and tear, to last the duration of this pandemic (however long that may be), and best of all - be machine washable. With everything you have going on, hand washing a mask shouldn't be one of them.


Here's the simple care instructions for your new mask (this applies to all of our masks, regardless of the style purchased):

  • We strongly encourage the use of a washing bag. This helps protect your mask from other items in the wash that may damage the material (i.e. velcro!), but also provides some protection for your mask without compromising the cleanliness
  • Machine wash on warm. You don't need to wash the masks separately if you're using a washing bag.
  • Use regular laundry detergent that you use on your clothing. Since this is going on your face, we recommend Free & Clear detergents but whatever you typically use will work just fine.
  • DO NOT BLEACH! Bleach and vibrant colors do not get along, and it will also deteriorate the vinyl panel.
  • Air dry. If you accidentally toss the mask in the dryer once or twice it will not destroy it, but eventually the excessive heat will create irreversible damage to the vinyl and the elastic content in the materials used.


Questions? Please call us at 800-726-0851 or email masks@adcohearing.com