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Baby Sound Sensor CA-BX

CentralAlert™ Real Time Baby Cry Sensor Model CA-BX

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The CA-BX monitors the sound of your baby on a real time basis and it sends a wireless signal to trigger the CA-360 to alert you. It stops when your baby stops making any noise. With adjustable sensitivity, there will be no more false alarms; a peace of mind at last.

Product Features: 

  • Very easy to use wireless unit – just place it somewhere near the baby
  • Sound sensitivity indicators gauge the level of crying and provide visual feedback
  • The sensor is activated by the screaming of child and sends a wireless signal to the CA-360 Notification System
  • Features a real-time sensor that stops sending the signal when baby stops crying
  • Three microphone sensitivity settings
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Product Specifications: 

Weight : 2 oz.

Size: 2.5" x 3.8" x 1"

Advanced Technology: 2.4 Ghz Smart-Code

Operating Range: Up to 200ft, open space- actual distance varies according to house construction.

Up to 3 Model CA-BX's are supported

Battery Type: Two AA size alkaline

Battery Life: up to 10 months

Operating Temperature: + 10 to +30°C

* Specifications are subject to change



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