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CapTel 840 Captioned Phone

CapTel 840 Captioned Phone

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Behind the scenes, a specially trained operator at the CapTel SM captioning service transcribes everything the other party says into written text, using the very latest in voice-recognition technology. The written text appears on a bright, easy-to-read display window built into the CapTel phone. The captions appear almost simultaneously with the spoken word, allowing the CapTel phone users to understand everything that is said — either by hearing it or by reading it.


  • Captions are provided by a free service that connects to the call
  • Calls you make are automatically connected to the Captioning Service to provide captions
  • For the CapTel 840 model only, incoming callers must dial 1-877-243-2823 first, then enter your phone number in order for you to get captions* (if the 800 number is not dialed first, the incoming caller will connect to the receiver's phone without any captions present)
  • Built-in Answering Machine
  • Adjustable font sizes and colors
  • Phone book to store frequently called numbers (95+ names)
  • Easy access to voice mail and answering machine messages
  • Works just like a standard phone for people who do not need captions

* If used in 2-Line Mode (optional), callers can dial your phone number directly.


  • Analog telephone line(s). 
  • Standard electrical power 

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Due to FCC Regulation, CapTel phones cannot be sold in California. Missouri and Delaware require authorization from EDP. These phones must be registered to the end user at the time of purchase.

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CapTel™ Specifications

For Analog Telephone Lines (or DSL with Filter)

  • Powerful amplification with volume boost (up to 35dB)
  • Answering machine with captioned message retrieval
  • Adjustable tone & volume control for optimum sound clarity
  • Ability to review captions during or after a call (approximately 500 lines of conversation can be reviewed in memory after hanging up)
  • Easy access to voice-mail & interactive telephone menu systems
  • 5-line, contrast-controlled liquid crystal display (LCD) screen
  • Speed dialing (3 programmable numbers)
  • Last number redial
  • Adjustable ringer pitch on/off
  • Sound monitoring (graphic meter and signal indicator shows you the loudness of your voice and sounds during a captioned call)
  • 3.5mm audio jack (optional) for use with neckloop, cochlear implant patch cord, and other assistive listening devices
  • Spanish to Spanish captioning available
  • Amplify always "ON" option
  • "Over the wire" software upgrades (upgrades can be transmitted over your phone line)
  • Ability to caption your external voice answering machine messages
  • All calls automatically captioned
  • Turn captions on or off at any time in a call
  • Large caption window
  • Adjustable font size and color
  • Display screen tilts
  • Amplifies incoming voice up to 40dB
  • 3.5mm neckloop/headset jack
  • 2.5mm headset jack
  • Speed dial access to CapTel Customer Service
  • Phonebook stores over 95 entries
  • Caller ID capable
  • Wall or desk mount
  • One-year limited warranty
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