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CentralAlert Wearable Notification System

CentralAlert Wearable Notification System

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The CentralAlert Wearable Notification System includes the wearable unit, doorbell, home/cell phone ringer/flasher, and now includes bedshaker

Product Features: 

  • Wearable notification system receives alerts 24/7 about activities occurring around user in the home.
  • Lightweight, portable and wearable design
  • Super long, 150 foot range. No need to miss any action,anywhere in the home.
  • Detects and alerts you to WEA* public emergency broadcast warnings of impending emergencies or disasters.
  • Receive alerts through strong, easily identifiable vibrations, selectable audio tones and a bright flasher.
  • Braille buttons for ease of use.
  • Extensive selections of affordable sensor-transmitters, receivers and accessories (each sold separately) to customize system to meet individual requirements. (baby cry, weather alerts, SOS help summons, smoke gas alarm sound, cell phone/texts, someone knocking at the door, intercom/door chimes, unwanted motion, personal receiver, remote receiver. lamp flasher and more)
  • Rechargeable batteries and AC adapter included.
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Product Specifications: 
Transmission: 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency 
Speakers: 2 - 5 Watt Class D Speakers
Speaker Battery: Built-in Lithium Ion Battery
Operating Range: Over 30m (100 ft) in an open field
AC Adapter Power: 100-240VAC/50-60 Hz
Listening Time: Up to 8 hours when fully charged 
Dimensions: 24x17x8 cm (9x7x3.25")
Weight: 800 gm. (1.7 lb.)
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