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Clarity AlertMaster AL12 Remote Receiver

Clarity AlertMaster AL12 Remote Receiver

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The Clarity AlertMaster AL12™ Visual Alert Remote can be placed in a separate location to provide additional notification when paired with the AL10™ Visual Alert System. It is easy to use and easy to see because of the simplified design, hassle-free installation and large backlit icons. Comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Stay Connected with others as the AL12 visually alerts you of visitors to your home, telephone calls, activity of babies and young children, and alarm clock functions.

  • Sensors monitor the door bell and knocks on the door to alert you of visitors
  • Alarm clock with snooze and vibrating alert features to wake the deepest of sleepers
  • Monitors the specific sounds made by babies or young children
  • Stay Secure and aware of your surroundings with the audio alarm monitor, motion detector, and security light controls.
  • The audio alarm monitor will notify you of any loud and unusual sounds
  • The motion detector will monitor a large area and notify you of any unexpected movement
  • The security light control can be set to turn on or off lighting around the home at selected times
  • Easy to Use and easy to see because of the simplified design, hassle-free installation, and large backlit alert icons.
  • Various accessories allow you to customize the system for your specific household or lifestyle needs
  • Large, brightly lit icons and lights are sized and positioned for optimum visibility from all sides
  • Simple set up - no hardwiring required, just plug it in
  • Flashes a connected lamp with a built in lamp flasher for added notification
  • Distinct flashing patterns and backlit icons on unit help you distinguish between events
  • Large, lit button to easily turn nearby lighting On or Off
  • Compatible with existing/previous AlertMaster base units and accessories
  • Superior Technology. Dedication to innovation provides effective solutions to better fit into your lifestyle.Send and receives pages from personal signalers (optional)
  • Size: 7.08"(L) x 4.64"(W) x 4.56"(H)
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs


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