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Clarity AlertMaster Personal Tactile Signaler AMPXB

Clarity AlertMaster Personal Tactile Signaler AMPXB

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Ideal for Deaf or Deaf-Blind individuals, the Clarity AlertMaster Personal Tactile Signaler (Model AMPXB) is a lightweight personal receiver that can be comfortably worn on the belt, making it easy to feel secure anywhere. It works with the Clarity AlertMaster AL10 or AL12 Notification Systems and offers both vibrating and tactile signals to receive alerts wherever you go. 



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Product Features

  • Lightweight and tactile design offers Deaf and Deaf-Blind users freedom
  • Offers vibrating notice and tactile pad for any type of alert from the base unit
  • Works in an 80-foot range from the base unit
  • Includes rechargeable battery and charger
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