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Clarity Sempre Solo

Clarity Sempre Solo

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Hear what matters most everywhere you go. 

   The Sempre Solo is a personal amplifier that clarifies conversations around you without all of the distracting background noise.

This lightweight, personal amplifier will clarify conversations, music, watching television or movies and more! Feel the freedom of hearing sound around you clearer than ever before. 


  • Amplifies your personal conversations, TV, and radio up to 50 dB 
  • Interchangeable microphones so you can choose between a plug-in microphone, a-foot lapel microphone or connect a 10-foot microphone extension 
  • Lightweight, comfortable stethoscope headset with adjustable ear buds
  • Large rotary volume and tone controls- to easily tune the sound for your hearing preferences
  • Listen how you want with your choice of headphones, ear buds or a neckloop (not included) 
  • Incudes belt clip, landyard, optional neckloop available, 2 AA-Alkaline batteries (included) 
  • Hearing aid and T-coil compatible 
  • Two (2) year limited warranty (main unit only)
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Size: Length  95mm x Width 62mm x Hight 25mm 

Weight: 4 oz

Battery Life: 80 hours* 

Max Gain: 50dB 

Tone Control: 16dB (*/- 8dB) at 5kHz, 20dB (*/- 10dB) at 100Hz 

Max audio signal output: >125dB (with 307-105 Headphones) 

Max. OSPL90 Output: 128dB (line input) 

*under normal conditions with 320 headset. 



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