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Color Otoclips - BTE Binaural - View to Select Color

Color Otoclips - BTE Binaural

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Our Color BTE Binaural OtoClips are just like our standard BTE Binaural OtoClips but in vibrant color! Each BTE binaural clip features a colorful, woven nylon cord. Multiple color options are available. 

  • Total Length: 16 inches - Each side: 8 inches
  • Binaural - for two hearing aids
  • BTE - for behind-the-ear hearing aids (see image)
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Hearing aids shouldn't have to be boring. Let your unique personality shine with a stylish colored BTE Binaural OtoClip. Each OtoClip features a colorful, woven nylon cord that attaches to your BTE (behind the ear) hearing instrument. 

Choose from the following colors: Black and White, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red, or Black.

Please note that this product is designed for BTE binaural (two ears) hearing aids only. Click here to shop our BTE monaural (one ear) hearing aid Color OtoClips.

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