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Color Otoclips - ITE Monaural - View to Select Color

Color Otoclips - ITE Monaural

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Just like the clear monaural ITE OtoClips, but with a colorful woven nylon cord.

  • This monaural clip was designed for those with one ITE* hearing instrument.
  • Cord length: 8.5"

*For ITE instruments, an eyelet kit is needed for professional installation in faceplates. 


 If you have two ITE hearing instruments, please see our Color Otoclips - ITE Binaural or our Binaural Hearing Aid Clips.


More information

Available in monaural (single hearing instrument) and binaural (dual hearing instruments) styles for BTE (behind-the-ear) and ITE (in-the-ear) hearing instruments. 

Available colors: Black and White, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red, or Black

3861 BL
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