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Door Chime Intercom/Knock Sensor CA-DX

CentralAlert™ Door Chime / Intercom And Door Knocking Sensor Model CA-DX

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Install device on existing door chime or intercom door announcer for vibration detection. When someone rings your door bell, it detects vibration and sends a wireless signal to trigger the CA-360 to alert. Or, you can attach the CA-DX to the inside surface of your door to detect the knocking on your door.

Product Features: 

  • Detects vibration form existing doorbell or door chime and sends signal to CA-360 when someone is at the door
  • Attach to or place near existing doorbell or door intercom
  • 2.5mm jack for direct connection to doorbell terminal
  • Optional door-knob hanger for hotel kit
  • Sensitivity adjustment
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Product Specifications: 

Weight: 2 oz.

Size: 2.5" x 3.8" x 1"

Advanced Technology: 2.4 Ghz Smart-Code

Operating Range: Up to 200ft, open space - actual distance
varies according to house construction.

Battery Type: Two AA size alkaline

Battery Life: up to 10 months

Operating Temperature: + 10 to +30°C

Specifications are subject to change

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