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Ear Gear Baha: Corded Binaural

Ear Gear Baha: Corded Binaural

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Designed to fit most models of Bone Conduction Processors, including the Baha Divino, Intenso, and the Oticon Ponto up to 1.15" (3.2cm)

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Ear Gear Retainer System
Ear Gear is a soft, comfortable, spandex sleeve designed to fit behind-the-ear hearing instruments. It is available with a monaural (single) or binaural (dual) model.

  • Prevents loss of behind-the-ear hearing instruments
  • Corded and cordless designs
  • Snap-locking clothing clip with stretch cord
  • Durable, will stand up to repeated washings
  • Available in a variety of fun colors

  • For Kids:
  • Corded models prevent loss
  • Guards against dropping
  • Helps keep delicate electronics clean
  • More comfortable, less chaffing
  • Looks “cool” and stylish
  • For Active Teens and Adults:
  • Protects from dirt, sweat and moisture
  • Ideal for running, biking, and sports
  • 14 colors to fit your mood
  • Reduces chaffing and irritation
  • For Seniors:
  • Prevents misplacing a BTE
  • Comfortable against delicate skin
  • Protects a major investment
  • No loss in performance

  • Ear Gear Baha Model:
  • 2 sleeves with a 9” elastic cord and clip
  • 1.25” for Baha Models
  • One per package
  • Note: Available in beige only.
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