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iLuv TimeShaker - Discontinued

iLuv TimeShaker

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This product has been discontinued. ADCO Recommends the NEW iLuv TimeShaker Boom as a replacement

If you're prone to sleeping through your alarm in the morning, you're in luck. The iLuv TimeShaker alarm clock features a bed shaker add-on that's guaranteed to wake you up on time. Paired with an audio alarm and you're all set to make that next appointment or meeting. Includes a Lightning pin connector to charge your iPhone or iPod while you sleep, and play your favorite tunes when you awake.

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If standard alarm clocks just aren't cutting it for you, the iLuv TimeShaker might be your perfect solution. Designed for heavy sleepers, the TimeShaker features a bed shaker attachment that can be placed under your pillow. When your alarm goes off, the bed shaker will vibrate, causing you to wake up. An audio alarm can also be paired to sound with the bed shaker for added security. 

The iLuv TimeShaker features a built-in Lightning connector pin that conveniently charges your iPhone or iPod while you sleep. It also doubles as a dock for playing your favorite music during the day. 

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