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ITE Binaural OtoClip

ITE Binaural OtoClip

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A lost hearing aid can be devastating for those who are hard of hearing. The ITE Binaural OtoClip helps to prevent your in-the-ear hearing aid from falling out by clipping to your shirt or dress. This hearing aid clip is designed specifically for those who rely on binaural (two) ITE hearing aids*. The clip features two ends that connect to your hearing aids, ensuring your valuable instrument stay securely in place. If you have only one hearing aid, please see our monaural ITE hearing aid clip to keep your hearing aid safe and secure.

ADCO Hearing Products values customer satisfaction and feedback. Please let us know if you have any questions or need more information about this product – we would love to help aid you in your buying decision. We also welcome customer feedback and would appreciate you leaving us a review about our products. 

*For ITE instruments, an eyelet kit is needed for professional installation in faceplates. 

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