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LACE® DVD Home Edition

LACE® DVD Home Edition

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10 self-paced lessons for use on a television or DVD player. The green score card allows users to record their training day and level for each LACE task.

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LACE® is an acronum for Listening And Communication Enhancement. Conceived by leading audiologists at the University of California at San Francisco, LACE® is an interactive, computerized aural rehabilitation program that has already helped thousands of people who live with some degree of hearing loss increase their listening skills by up to 45%.
* Trains the brain to listen better and adjust during the hearing aid trial priod
* Results in reduced effort to listen and higher satisfaction
* Provides better speech comprehension with or without hearing aids
* Home-based, self-paced listening training program
* Helps compensate for hearing loss by strengthening thinking and memory skills
* Provides tips for effective interactive communication strategies
* Teaches how to conquer listening challenges, such as noisy restaurants
* Can be used by anyone - with or without hearing loss - to build listening confidence in difficult hearing situations

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