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Moisture Guard Hearing Aid Dryer - View for Cherry or Walnut

Moisture Guard Hearing Aid Dryer

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Keep your Hearing Aids working like new! Remove moisture, oils, and earwax overnight by cleaning them with the Moisture Guard Electronic Hearing Aid Dryer.

Now available in two color options: beautiful solid Cherry wood and American Black Walnut

The Moisture Guard is one of the most attractive, convenient ways to store and clean your hearing aids. The Moisture Guard works by creating dry heat, which evaporates moisture, liquefies oils, and dries out earwax for easy removal. This type of regular maintenance extends the life of your hearing aids, keeps them working at their peak performance, and helps prevent costly repairs. The interior top and bottom are fitted with gold mirror. The interior top is Laser Engraved with the Moisture Guard logo on the standard model.

With single push button on/off, and an indicator light which illuminates when in use, the Moisture Guard is easy to operate with nothing else to buy. Protect your investment for years to come! The Moisture Guard pays for itself by avoiding the cost of just one out-of warranty hearing aid repair.  

  • Generates dry heat to remove harmful moisture

  • Improves sound clarity and performance

  • Dimensions are 5 1/2" wide, 2 3/8” high, and 3 3/8” in depth (front to back)

  •  Unit comes with a 110-240 12vac standard wall-type power supply

  • One year warranty

  • Audiologist Recommended

  • Available in two colors: Cherry (light, left image) or Walnut (dark, right image) 


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