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My Butterfly Pillow

My Butterfly Pillow

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My Butterfly Pillow is recommended by both Audiologists and Chiropractors for their patients. This incredible pillow offers has so many benefits, including 

  • Full head & neck support for side sleepers
  • Tinnitus sound masking options
  • Ear pain relief 
  • Proper spine alignment 
  • Shoulder pain reduction
  • Deep restorative sleep

ADCO recommends this pillow for anyone who is a side-sleeper currently using a tinnitus app or tinnitus therapy system with a 3.5mm audio output jack. 

By using My Butterfly Pillow and a sound app or sound masker to provide tinnitus sound masking, you can lessen the symptoms of your tinnitus without compromising comfort! Two methods are provided to use this pillow for tinnitus sound therapy: 

          1) A 3.5mm cord allows you to plug this pillow directly into a sound source, such as the ADCO Bluetooth Tinnitus Therapy System

          2) Using the included Bluetooth receiver, you can daily pair any smart device directly to My Butterfly Pillow! Once a device is paired you can easily stream any sounds from your device - including tinnitus sounds from a third-party app (We recommend Sound Oasis!) 


This pillow is designed specifically for side-sleepers, and offers features that will make you ready to ditch your traditional pillow for good! 

  • High-quality memory foam for comfort and stability 
  • Recessed shoulder bay allowing for support between the jaw and shoulder, keeping the neck and spine in comfortable alignment 
  • Night Owl speakers with Bluetooth receiver built right into the pillow, allowing for crisp, clean sound that won't disturb your sleeping partner 
  • Specifically design ear pillow that keeps the face cool and avoids placing a single point of pressure on the ear 
  • The removable riser is designed to keep the pillow at the optimum height to help keep your head and neck properly aligned. Removable for a quick and easy adjustable fit. 
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