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Original ClearSounds Connect360 Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop System

Original ClearSounds Connect360 Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop System

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The Original Quattro Connect360 Amplified Neckloop System features the Quattro Classic Bluetooth Neckloop with A2DP. The System accessories provide connectivity and usability options for nearly all communications needs while at home, in the office or on the go. Adding a comprehensive range of adapters and accessories to use with the Quattro Classic Neckloop amplifies the value of the core product and greatly extends the usability and productivity of the ClearSounds Quattro line of products.

ClearSounds’ new Quattro Connect360 Amplified Neckloop System will turn your hearing aids into high-performance wireless receivers anywhere you go so you can:

  • Talk on your mobile phone, hands-free, and hear what’s being said crystal-clearly.

  • Answer any of your phones with one touch and use convenient voice dial (if supported by your mobile phone).

  • Listen to almost any electronic device wirelessly, directly through your hearing aids—TV, iPods, MP3 players, CD players, radios, Sound Wizards, Pocketalkers and more.

It’s not just about convenience, though. The Quattro Connect360 Amplified Neckloop System actually significantly improves the sound you hear from your phones and electronic devices. And because the Connec360 System is portable, that means 24/7, 360 degrees around you you’ll hear the voices and entertainment you want to hear, with none of the background noise, feedback or sound distortion you don’t.

The Quattro uses the advanced Bluetooth v2.1+EDR which includes stereo A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) with AVRCP (Audio/Visual Remote Control Profile) along with the Handsfree and Headset Profiles that provide compatibility and connectivity with all current and legacy Bluetooth devices. The v2.1 provides enhanced pairing, improved battery life and high-speed synchronizing of voice and video for improved TV and video viewing experiences. The Quattro Classic is usable by virtually everyone, including people with hearing loss that have t-coil hearing aids.

For T-coil users, the Quattro Classic will connect with A2DP-enabled devices (most current Bluetooth cellphones and audio systems) and combine the stereo transmissions into a single full spectrum signal delivered through the amplified neckloop. The neckloop volume control provides the ability to manage up to 30dB of amplification to compensate for weak hearing aid t-coils or sound signals.

The SmartSound™ stereo headset uses Reverse Sound technology to deliver exceptional sound quality and directing the speakers away from the ear canal. These connect to any device with a 3.5mm jack.

The QLink Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter links the Quattro with a variety of sound devices, such as computers, MP3 players, TVs, telephones, etc. It comes with an analog audio out connector for use with TVs.

Product Features: 

  • Up to 30dB amplification

  • Up to 3 hours operating time/5 day standby time

  • Range up to 30 feet

  • 4 unique applications: mobile, home, office, entertainment

  • Lithium-Ion battery

  • 3.5mm headset jack for audio headset (non-t-coil use)

  • Compatible with standard Bluetooth v2.0+EDR devices (Bluetooth enabled cellphones, computers, cordless phones)

  • Compatible with any radio device that has a standard Bluetooth transmitter

  • Compatible with iPods/MP3 players that use a standard Bluetooth transmitter

  • Profiles supported: Hands-Free Profile (HFP), Headset Profile (HSP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)

  • Accommodates t-coil and non-t-coil users (loop receiver requires t-coil)

  • QLInk comes with stereo RCA to stereo 3.5mm cables for use with TV audio output


Original price: 279.85
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