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Personal PA FM System PPA 457

Personal PA FM System PPA 457

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The Personal PA 457 features the cutting-edge PPA T45 transmitter, with multiple digital audio input options and an OLED display with easy-to-manage menu navigation. Features three powerful
microprocessors and high quality audio and RF performance.
• Operating range up to 1000 feet - ideal for large venues.
• Complete turnkey solution with access to 17 pre-set wideband frequencies.
• The system may be expanded - accommodating any number of listeners with the purchase of
additional PPA R37 Receivers.
• Lifetime PLUS limited warranty

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System includes:

(1) PPA T45 Transmitter,

(4) PPA R37 Receivers,

(2) NKL 001 Neckloops,

(4) EAR 013 Earphones,

(1) ANT 025 Whip Antenna,

(1) TFP 048 Power Supply,

(1) WLC 004 Main Power Cord,

(1) WCA 013 3ft RCA Audio Cable,

(1) IDP 008 ADA Wall Plaque,

(4) BAT 001-2 AA Alkaline Batteries.

Note: Optional 17-channel receiver (PPA R38) is available for multi-channel applications.

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