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QConnect - Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

QConnect - Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

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Wish you could connect more devices to your Bluetooth streamer? Want to have hands-free listening with your t-coil hearing aids?

With QConnect - you can make any product with a 3.5 audio jack become Bluetooth enabled.

The QConnect offers the versatility of a creating a non-Bluetooth product to become a transmitter or a receiver! The two-way (sending and receiving) communication can be established between anything with a 3.5 audio jack - including corded or cordless phones. Plug this fabulous little device into the headset jack of any phone and then pair it to our remarkable Quattro 4.0 Bluetooth-enabled neckloop with microphone or Quattro 4 LITE Bluetooth-enabled neckloop for a clear, amplified sound experience that’s second to none. The QConnect is compatible with other Bluetooth neckloops, streamers and headsets and features versatile micro USB charging functionality, a long lasting battery and a totally secure connection, making this a must-have tool for communication.


  • QConnect Bluetooth Audio (roughly the size of a chocolate sandwich cookie)
  • 2.5mm-3.5mm Cable
  • User Manual
  • USB charging cable
  • AC power adapter
  • Velcro Tabs
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