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Reminder Rosie - Personal Voice Reminder System

Reminder Rosie - Personal Voice Reminder System

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Reminder Rosie is designed to solve the daily challenges of memory loss. Rosie is a personalized, voice controlled reminder system that features a easy-to-read digital clock display. Reminder Rosie is a simple, hands-free and inexpensive solution to remember medication, appointments, everyday tasks and anything in between. 

Maximize Independence & Engagement 

  • Prolongs senior independent living and minimizes dramatic life changes 
  • Helps seniors maintain healthy routines 
  • Assists healthcare providers and family members keep track of important schedules and tasks 

Relieve Caregiver Stress

  • Reminder Rosie eases stress by taking over the mundane tasks like reminders out of your daily responsibilities so caregivers can focus on what matters most - extending the best quality of care

Assistance for Low-Vision

  • Using state-of-the-art voice activated technology, Reminder Rosie can operate almost entirely by voice, therefore reducing the need for users to press buttons 

Increase and Sustain Medication Adherence

  • Reminds adults to take medications in a customized manner throughout the day 
  • Helps improve adherence over a sustained period of time 
  • Minimizes medication disruptions 
  • Reduces hospitalizations that are linked to medication issues 



  • Hands-free Trigger - simply start talking and Reminder Rosie is ready! 
  • Simple and familiar clock face 
  • Reminder Rosie processes spoken language almost as easily as humans do. By carefully listening for words or phrases, Rosie is ready 24/7 to execute your requests. 
  • Reminders may be programmed in any language to provide greater comfort, familiarity and to improve task completion 
  • With Rosie, you can record up to 25 reminders for every day, weekly, or any specific date. Review the day's reminders with a simple voice command so you stay in control. 
  • Emergency back-up system ensure that Rosie stays up and running even during power outages. 


  • Voice or manual operation 
  • Large 2-inch LED display 
  • High/low volume and dim settings 
  • Alarm on/off switch 
  • Doubles as a voice alarm clock 
  • Record up to 25 reminders up to 6 seconds each 
  • User says "reminder off" or press down to turn off 
  • Snooze function = 9 minutes 
  • Power: AC 120V
  • Battery backup: 3x AAA (not included) 
  • Clock Dimensions: 8" x 4.25" x 2.75" (1lb) 
  • 1 year limited warranty 


Reminder Rosie from Reminder Rosie on Vimeo.

Original price: 99.95
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