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Satellite III Large Area Induction Loop System

Oval Window Satellite III Large Area Induction Loop System

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Compatible with all telecoil-equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants, each Satellite III induction loop system improves speech intelligibility for up to 300 people. An Induction Loop Receiver is included for monitoring the system's performance.

Priced below FM or infrared systems, the Satellite III is a cost-effective hearing assistance system that is ideal for churches, schools, meeting rooms, theaters, libraries and more. And, if your seating area is larger than 300 feet around, you can use additional Satellite III systems to provide adequate coverage.

The Satellite III connects to the audio line level output of most sound systems and it fully compatible with t-coil hearing aids, cochlear implants and induction loop receivers. 

The Satellite III System Includes: 

  • Satellite III Amplifier 

  • Induction Loop receiver with headphones and LED signal display 

  • 500-foot spool of 14-gauge wire 

  • Loop Notice Wall Sign ("Hearing Help Available") 

  • Instructions 

For more information or for assistance in ordering, please contact us. 

All Oval Window Audio products are sold with a three-year warranty covering parts and labor. Exceptions to this warranty include microphones, rechargeable batteries, and ear/headphones (which are guaranteed for 90 days). Warranty will be voided for equipment that has been abused, altered or operated in a manner contrary to directions contained in the User Manual. Please contact us for additional information. 


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