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Sennheiser Set 900 TV Amplifier AND Personal Listening Device

Sennheiser Set 900 TV Amplifier

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The Sennheiser Set 900 TV Amplifier is more than just a standard television amplifier. It uses infrared technology to pick up sound anywhere that has infrared transmission capability — in concert halls, theaters or other public spaces that are equipped for transmission. The result? Clear, quality sound that you can enjoy anywhere.

The Sennheiser Set 900 features adjustable volume control, speech intelligibility and treble boost to offer a sound that's comfortable for you. When at home, you can connect the system to your television or home stereo to enjoy the superb sound. Built-in, activated microphones allow you to better hear ambient noises, like a ringing phone or a doorbell, while watching television or listening to music. Powerful and fully adjustable control also allows you to better hear conversations with friends and family, making this a great product all around for everyday use.


  • User-friendly setup and design
  • High-quality, adjustable stereo sound
  • Transmitter features three sound settings for maximum customization
  • Infrared audio transmission works in a 12-meter wireless range
  • Receiver features two switchable microphones that detect and augment surrounding, ambient noise
  • Foldable, portable receiver design 
  • Carrying case
  • Compatible with infrared transmission in public spaces
  • Easy-to-adjust volume and balance control dials
  • Ergonomic, fully cushioned ear buds
  • Automatic off/on feature on receiver
  • Transmitter charges receiver — 12 hours of battery life
Original price: 349.95


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