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Serene Cell Phone Signaler Model RF-200

Serene Cell Phone Signaler Model RF-200

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The RF-200 Cell Phone Signaler is a desktop signaling device for landline and mobile phones, notifying you when you have incoming calls by phone, Skype, FaceTime and text messages.


  • Works with cell phones and landline phones
  • For cell phones, place the phone on the RF-200 cradle and it will flash when it detects the vibration of your cell phone
  • Unique flashing patterns to distinguish between incoming calls or messages
  • Indicator light lets you know when you have missed calls or messages
  • Detects and alerts to WEA (Wireless Emergency Alert) public emergency broadcast warnings (if provided by wireless carrier)
  • USB port for charging cell phone
  • Adjustable ring volume
  • Bed shaker jack (bed shaker not included)
  • AC-powered with battery backup (4 AA batteries not included)


  • RF-200 signaler/flasher
  • Phone cord
  • AC adapter
  • Short cable

***Cell phone not included.***

More information
  1. Product Specifications: 
USB Charge Port Output: 5VDC 650mA max (used with AC adapter only)
Bed Shaker Output: 9VDC 300mA max
Input Voltage: 9VDC 1000mA
Dimension: Approx. 116 x 85 x 90 mm H (WxDxH)
Weight: Approx. 225 gm (0.5lb. without batteries)
Battery Backup: 4 x AA alkaline (not included)
Battery Life: Up to 10 months (with typical usage)
Operating Temperature: +10 to 40 c
Note: Some customers have found that the RF200 does not pick up the cell phone vibrations with iPhones, as the vibration from an iPhone tends to be shorter than that of an android or other smartphones. To resolve this problem, please follow the following steps to change the vibration pattern on your iPhone: 
  1. Launch the Settings app on  your iPhone
  2. Select "Sounds" 
  3. Select the type of alert that you would like to change the vibration for (i.e. incoming calls) 
  4. Select "Vibration" 
  5. Select "Create New Vibration" 
  6. Tap your screen to create the vibration you want
  7. Select "Stop" when you are done creating your pattern 

By creating the custom vibration, the vibration length will be longer and resolve the problem with the RF-200 not having time to identify the notification. 



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