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Serene Under Pillow SleepSound Speakers Model PS-100

Serene Under Pillow SleepSound Speakers Model PS-200

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The ultra-thin, padded underPillow Sleep Sound system is designed for optimal listening and sleeping comfort. It delivers loud and clear sound direct to you, even through the densest foam pillows. Ideal for listening to your favorite music, with compatible alarm clocks or with a tinnitus sound therapy machine. 

Product Features: 

  • Ultra-thin design for listening pleasure and sleep comfort 
  • Non-slip, padded design maintains optimal listening position under your pillow, even if you toss and turn 
  • Built-in, pre-recorded soothing nature sounds relax and soothe you (white noise)
  • Convenient, simple to use control unit clips to your pillow for easy access throughout the night 
  • Ideal for listening to music, TV or a tinnitus sound masker - Connecting cord included!
  • Built-in selectable one-hour timer with auto stop lowers volume gradually as you fall asleep 
  • AC adapter included 
  • One year manufacturer warranty 
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