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Shake-up Smoke Detector with Strobe

Shake-up Smoke Detector with Strobe

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Portable smoke detector and signal unit with strobe. Wireless, single function system that detects smoke and transmits a signal within a 100 foot radius.

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When your family's safety is concerned...seconds count!!

When the Silent Call Smoke detector is activated the audible signal sounds and the internal transmitter sends a signal, up to 100 feet away, to the Sidekick Receiver with strobe light to notify you.

The Shake up Sidekick kit comes with:

  • 1 Smoke detector with transmitter
  • 1 Sidekick Receiver

  • Additional Benefits:

  • The Sidekick Receiver works with all Silent Call 318 Mhz transmitters
  • Can be used with the optional bed vibrator (VIB-PJ)
  • 24-hour notification
  • 318.99
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