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Signature Series Communicator Receiver (BWR412-SS)

Signature Series Communicator Receiver (BWR412-SS)

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The Signature Series body-worn communicator alerts you to doorbells, fire alarms and other events. Complete with a leather pouch, this receiver may be conveniently and comfortably worn on a belt or waistband, or placed in a pocket. When a signal is received from any Signature Series transmitter, it pulses with vibrations in a unique pattern and displays a distinctive LED icon to indicate which event is causing the transmission. At night, it may be easily recharged using the (included) USB charging set. 

  • Alerts you to specific sounds, doorbells, fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, weather alerts and more 
  • Notifies you using distinctive vibrating pulse patterns 
  • Events are displayed using LED icons 
  • Works with all Signature Series (418MHz) transmitters 
  • Clips easily to any belt or waistband, or may be placed inside a pocket 
  • Recharges using an (included) USB charging set which plugs into any standard 110V outlet 
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty 
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