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Signature Series SideKick II SS Receiver

Signature Series SideKick II Receiver with Strobe Light

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The Signature Series Sidekick II receiver monitors events and threats throughout your home, office, dorm or hotel room. This receiver works with all Signature Series (418MHz) transmitters to alert you to sounds, phone calls, doorbells, fire alarms, carbon monoxide threats, weather alerts and much more. Once a signal is received, it notifies you with a colored flashing strobe light, and identifies the specific event using one of six colored lights and icons. Featuring an alarm clock, this receiver plugs into any standard 110V electrical outlet and includes a battery backup. 

The SideKick II SS receives signals from optional transmitters below and will monitor:

  • Telephone
  • Doorbell
  • Weather Alert System
  • Smoke Detector
  • Sound Monitor
  • Other Silent Call Signature Series Components

Product Features: 

  • Notifies you with a flashing strobe light
  • Works with all Signature Series 418MHz Transmitters
  • Supervises up to three Signature Series smoke detectors with transmitters 
  • Operates on your end table, night stand or other flat surface 
  • Connects directly to telephones (telephone cable included) 
  • Plugs into any standard 110V electrical outlet 
  • Includes a digital alarm clock 
  • Features a battery backup 
  • Activates the (optional, not included) bed vibrator (VIB-PJ) 
    • 5 year manufacturer's warranty
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