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Silent Call AlarmDock Smartphone Docking Station

Silent Call AlarmDock Kit - Smart Phone Docking Station

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New from Silent Call - the AlarmDock cradle allows you to use your smartphone as an alarm clock WITH a bed shaker! The AlarmDock line is an innovative way to use your Smartphone as an extra loud alarm clock (100dB!), complete with bed shaker. This easy-to-use and portable device will also stream your favorite music from your Smartphone thanks to the wireless speaker. 

The (free) AlarmDock app offers many features: 

  • Large clock readout, both vertical and horizontal, with multiple color options 
  • Alarms and timers
  • Volume and tone control 
  • Will activate your phone flasher (if desired)
  • Easily manage your settings and wireless connections 

The AlarmDock itself is extremely easy to operate with touch-sensitive controls, wireless and audio (port) connections and memory pairing capability. With the two-way USB port, you can play music and charge your Smartphone at the same time! The AlarmDock KIT includes the 12-Volt bed shaker and wireless shaker module with power cube that connects your smartphone, allowing you to wake up using the amplified alarm sound, flashing light, and/or the bed shaker! 

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