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Silent Call MyAlert Bed Shaker/Vibrator - VIB12V

Silent Call MyAlert Bed Shaker/Vibrator - VIB12V

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The MyAlert Bed Shaker & Wake-Up Pad is an effective and relaxing way to start your day. The VIB12V bed shaker works with the MyAlert multi-function remote receiver (WIR101, SKU 7022) to quietly and comfortably wake you even without sound. Simply place the bed shaker under your mattress - wakes even the deepest sleepers, guaranteed! 

  • Generates a strong vibration to alert you 
  • Cord length: 65" 
  • No batteries required
  • Requires power supply (PS800) for the remote receiver - will not work on batteries alone 
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty 
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