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Sonic Alert HomeAware Bridge Unit

Sonic Alert HomeAware Bridge Unit

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If you are already using the original Sonic Alert signaling system but would like to expand your system with the new HomeAware signaling system - the SonicBridge will link the HomeAware to your existing receiver! SonicBridge links the HomeAware receiver with any Sonic Alert system receiver. Whenever a HomeAware transmitter sends a signal to the HomeAware signaling system, it will activate your traditional system receivers as well. 


  • Activates any Sonic Alert Traditional System transmitter (SA-BL300, SA-201, SA-101, SA-RH100 and SA-SB1000)
  • Plugs into the back of the HomeAware Receiver
  • Includes an outlet for flashing lamp notification

Note: If a Traditional System transmitter activates a Traditional System receiver, a signal will not be sent to the HomeAware Receiver. 

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