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Sonic Alert HomeAware Deluxe Receiver

HomeAware Deluxe Receiver HA360RK2.0

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The Sonic Alert HomeAware HA360RK2.0 complete home alerting solution is the newest signaling system available from Sonic Alert, featuring a sleek new design and the ability to alert you of important sounds and events in your daily life. This receiver has received a few updates from the previous model. With the optional accessories, the Sonic Alert HomeAware can alert you to the telephone, cell  phone, video phone, doorbell, baby cry, smoke or carbon monoxide detector and more! 

The HomeAware Deluxe Receiver comes with an extra bright flashing xenon strobe and a convenient USB cell phone charger. Power supply included. The HomeAware Master Kit MUST be used as the base for this signaling system. The transmitters will not function without the master receiver

This system includes a scrolling text display that spells out the alert notification in large 2-inch letters ("DOOR BELL," "VIDEO CALL," "FIRE," etc.) and the proprietary caller ID scrolls the name and number of the caller on the large bright red display. The HomeAware has been designed with proprietary D-RF Secure Technology that provides the safest and most reliable method of sending and receiving a wireless signal, allowing all components to work together even if there is a problem in the system. D-RF Secure will constantly monitor the system to insure that HomeAware is always working - even in the event of a power failure. 

The HomeAware Deluxe Receiver FEATURES:

• NEW Loud 105 dB dual alarm clock with adjustable alarm and snooze duration

• NEW Powerful vibrating bed shaker

• NEW USB port charges your smartphone

• Scrolling text on a large two inch display and flashing strobe notifications

• Caller ID for landline and video phone calls

• Adds an additional 1,000ft of range to the HA360 Main Unit

• Battery Backup

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Optional Accessories: 

  • Sonic Shaker bed shaker
  • Water resistant doorbell
  • Exclusive Sonic Bridge/ lamp flasher, interfaces with all traditional Sonic Alert remote receivers.
  • Smoke/ Fire/ CO alert transmitters (all in one), T3 & T4 compatible.
  • Smartphone alert interfaces via Bluetooth with the new CellAware™ accessory 
  • Smartphone pager works via Bluetooth with the exclusive PageAware™ application and Bluetooth dongle.
  • Weather/ storm alert input, works with midland and most weather radios.
Original price: 154.99
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