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Sonic Alert HomeAware Smart Phone Transmitter

Sonic Alert HomeAware Smart Phone Transmitter

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The new Sonic Alert HomeAware Smart Phone Transmitter transforms your cell phone and/or smart watch into a signaling pager. The Smart Phone Transmitter allows you to use your smart phone as a transmitter and receiver! Simply download the FREE app for your Andriod phone or iPhone which will notify you on your phone whenever another transmitter goes off. Additionally, your HomeAware master receiver will also alert you to your cell phone calls and text with scrolling text across the screen so you won't miss any important calls or text messages on your cell phone.

Product Features: 

  • Your cell phone must be in extended-Bluetooth range (300 feet) from the HomeAware main receiver (HA360) in order to receive and send signals 
  • No battery required, powered by the HA360 Main Unit
  • Smart Phone or smartwatch must be in extended-Bluetooth® range (up to three hundred feet) to receive and send signals
  • Smartphone transmitter connects to one smartphone at a time
  • App is compatible for phones with Android and iOS operating systems

Receiver Features:

Transmitter Features:

  • Main receiver and deluxe receiver will notify of calls or texts with the preprogrammed information provided in your phone. (i.e. Cell Phone Call from Mom), phone number will scroll across if no preprogrammed info is provided (i.e. Cell Phone Call from 800-726-0851)
  • Receivers will alert you to calls with flashing lights, loud alarm, and bed shaker (main receiver only for bed shaker)

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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