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Sonic Alert HomeAware Smoke/CO Sound Signaler

Sonic Alert HomeAware Smoke and CO Sound Signaler

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The Sonic Alert HomeAware Smoke & Co Transmitter is an optional accessory for the HomeAware signaling system. This transmitter, when placed near a detector, will listen for the T3 alarm sound from a smoke detector and the T4 sound from a CO detector. Once the detector goes off, a signal is sent to your HomeAware receiver and the words "SMOKE" or "CO" will scroll across the screen, alerting of you of the emergency.

Product Features: 

  • Transmitter automatically distinguishes between the T3 (smoke detector) and T4 (CO detector) sounds, ensuring the accuracy of the signal in an emergency situation 
    • If you have an older model smoke or CO detector that does not have a T3/T4 alarm, the words "ALERT" will scroll across the screen of your receiver. 
  • We recommend purchasing a separate transmitter for each alarm in your home 
  • Battery backup (9V battery not included)
  • Includes AC Adapter 
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