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SquareGlow Homekit

SquareGlow Homekit

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The SquareGlow Homekit provides you with an entire signaling system that will alert you to the door or video phone or landline phone. This system's doorbell will transmit into the flashing light you will see your flashing color choice, one of the 7 different, bright, LED, flashing colors you an choose to alert you as well within 53 sound options.  All customizable to your preferences. Never miss another phone call again! 


  • Customizable 7 LED colors: White, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Aqua, and Purple
  • The SquareGlow™ Receiver (Flasher)/The SquareGlow Doorbell/The SquareGlow™ Phone Signaler has range of up to 600 feet
  • Unlimited Paring ie 1,000,000 remotes with one reciever or 1,000,000 receivers with one remote. 
  • 52 Ring customizable Ringtones
  • Volume: 0-120 dB (5 levels)
  • Uses one 12v 23a battery for doorbell and one 12v 23a battery for phone signaler and three AA batteries for every flasher 
  • Features two SquareGlow Recievers (Flashers), One Telephone & VP Signalar, and one Doorbell Remote.
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